Custom Software Development

for your OpenEMR system, Laravel Project, public WordPress site, and much more

We offer our expertise in software development best-practices to customize your OpenEMR experience and to run your system securely and efficiently.

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    Here are just some of our areas of expertise…

    • OpenEMR and LibreEHR customizations
    • Custom Web applications using modern web technologies like Laravel PHP Framework, VueJS
    • Development of integrations with CRM, Accounting, Email Marketing and other business solutions
    • API and tools for mobile phone applications development
    • WIX Front-end development
    • WordPress plugin development and theme customization
    • Docker container deployment
    • Source code control and configuration management

    MI-Squared’s lead software developer Ken Chapple has been developing healthcare applications for over 10 years. Ken has an MS in computer science and has the unique ability to listen and understand healthcare problems and solve them.

    In the past ken has worked as an engineer developing sawmill optimization scanners with Newnes, mobile infrastructure development for Qualcomm, and has developed countless software platforms to improve healthcare.

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