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All over the world, heath care professionals are using mi-Squared tools to improve their efficiency.


What We Do

We build software solutions for healthcare

mi-Squared has been consulting and developing solutions for the healthcare industry since in 1995.

We have been instrumental in the development open source EHRs and are the experts in providing services, support and setup of Librehealth EHR and MU-2 Certified OpenEMR.

We provide customized electronic health record services that include set up of EHR software, hosting, support and E-Prescribing along with other services that help the physician’s office become paperless and more efficient.

We provide EHR independent tools and registry management for MIPS/MACRA quality reporting as well as HCC/RAF reporting and management for IPA, MA Plans and Geriatric Care companies.


Our Partners

We work with industry leaders in healthcare.


Our Team

A full team of experts that really know their stuff

Our world-class team combines decades of experience working in healthcare, and decades of experience with technology. We have been on both sides of the fence, and we know how to communicate with health care professionals.

president & lead engineer

Ken Chapple

data specialist

Harley Tuck

marketing specialist

Michelle Fifis


Our News

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OpenEMR Case Study: Real-tme Dashboard

Health care providers can operate in radically different ways depending on their specialty, business model and method for care delivery. These different operational models often…

Cultivating the Next Generation of Open Source Developers 560 315 Harley Tuck

Cultivating the Next Generation of Open Source Developers

Harley is the lead support engineer at MI-Squared team and contributes technical direction to Outreachy Hoo-RAY, another Outreachy Intern selection completed with LibreHealth EHR! This…

OpenEMR External Data Load Query Error 560 315 Ken Chapple

OpenEMR External Data Load Query Error

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE When trying to import ICD10 or RXNORM data files in OpenEMR, you may encounter an error that looks like this. OpenEMR…

Configure GCP For Your IT Provider 917 426 Ken Chapple

Configure GCP For Your IT Provider

MI-Squared prefers GCP for our hosted EMR environments for the combination of cost, scalability, reliability, ease of use and the convenience of HIPAA BAA. We…

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