OpenEMR Case Study: Real-tme Dashboard

OpenEMR Case Study: Real-tme Dashboard

OpenEMR Case Study: Real-tme Dashboard 2240 1260 Ken Chapple

Health care providers can operate in radically different ways depending on their specialty, business model and method for care delivery. These different operational models often require software to streamline their operations in order to make their business as efficient as possible. In the health-care IT industry, we often talk about these streamlined operational models as “workflows.”

Identifying and optimizing workflows is an area where MI-Squared particularly strong, as demonstrated in the case of one behavioral health clinic, we’ll call Crisis Helpline. Dispatchers at the Crisis Helpline take calls into their clinic from regional hospitals and other facilities, and deploys counselors into the field. Each deployment needs to be tracked at each step of the encounter, documenting the time the calls come in, the time the counselor is dispatched, the arrival time at the location, etc..

MI-Squared implemented a color-coded dashboard that is continuously updated in real time.


From the dashboard, the dispatchers have a birds-eye view of the entire operation, and where their counselors are at any given time.

To optimize operations, it is possible to create patients and encounters directly from this dashboard, so users don’t need to leave this screen in order to add a new patient and encounter into OpenEMR in the standard “New Patient” screen.

To optimize editing of frequently-updated encounter dated, the dashboard is enabled with inline editing.

Please contact MI-Squared to have us implement your custom workflow solution.

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