How to register for CMS MU Attestation for OpenEMR 4.1

How to register for CMS MU Attestation for OpenEMR 4.1 150 150 Tony McCormick
Official CHPL Product/Certification Number: 110040R00 The product number assigned by the certification body, 110040R00, is not the number that should be used when attesting to meaningful use. You need to go to the CHPL website, add OpenEMR 4.1 product to your shopping cart along with any other certified products they might be using, and :based on that configuration you will be given a unique 15-digit number to use for attestation purposes. Here are some quick directions: To obtain a CMS EHR Certification ID, follow the steps outlined below Go to; Http:// Select Ambulatory Practice Search for ‘OpenEMR’ Add OpenEMR 4.1 to your cart to determine if your product(s) meet 100% of the required criteria Request a CMS EHR Certification ID for CMS registration or attestation from your cart page read more

Premium Service for OpenEMR

Premium Service for OpenEMR 150 150 Tony McCormick
OpenEMR Support (OES) offers full support and service for the leading open source electronic medical records system – OpenEMR. Our staff is comprised of individuals with deep involvement and expertise of healthcare medical records, open systems, and information technology (IT) organizations. Take the risk out of implementing and operating an EMR system – enabling you to concentrate on patients instead of paperwork and information technology needs. Service plans are offered from minimal support to turnkey systems. Additional offerings include full hosting, delivered server hardware implemented for plug and play, and remote backup to ensure you are compliant for HIPPA and industry standards. Our staff continually researches and evaluates healthcare IT requirements, emerging technologies, and healthcare legislative needs such as the American Recovery and Reinvestment ACT. This results in innovative ideas and methods to ensure your system remains state of the art and updated with the latest technology and compliancy issues. The EMR Appliance showcases a set of value-added features to help keep your operations functioning smoothly and without incident. Local and remote backups are handled automatically with a minimal level of involvement from you or your staff, so your data is always kept safe and secure. Proactive error reporting tools run around the clock monitoring your system and deliver alerts to you as well as OpenEMR Support. The end result is that we will usually have knowlege of and respond to a problem at your site before you’re even aware a problem exists. Use the dashboard page and system tray indicators to monitor your system health, running services, as well as backup status. With OpenEMR Support, you can count on years of proven support experience working for you. read more
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