Openemr 4.1.0 Patch 5 Released

Openemr 4.1.0 Patch 5 Released

Openemr 4.1.0 Patch 5 Released 150 150 Tony McCormick

Patch 5 is out with more than 35 enhancements and bug fixes.

Available at:

=== Fixes and New Features ===

(note the ones with ** are new with this patch):

*Security fix in interface/login/validateUser.php script**

*5010 X12 compliance – primarily contributed by Sunset Systems with bug fixes by Kim Weesner**

*Can click directly on a calendar slot time to set selected time/provider – contributed by yehster**

*New calendar entries will list the current patient by default – contributed by yehster**

*Support for multiple modifiers in the Fee sheet – contributed by MI-Squared**

*Support justification of non-icd9 diagnosis codes in the Fee sheet – contributed by yehster**

*Support for procedure-specific claim notes – contributed by Alfonso Perez**

*Bug fixes in xmlformgen – contributed by Julia Longtin**

*Bug fix to show immunizations correctly in the patient report**

*Bug fix to edit immunizations**

*Bug fixes in messages module – contributed by MI-Squared**

*Bug fix for encounter date display when showing historical LBF data – contributed by Sunset Systems**

*Bug fix to remove non-working dynamic resizing of dialog frame – contributed by yehster**

*Fixed time limit expiration bug from the administration clinical reminder module

*Integrated the new patch mechanism into the multi-site module (admin.php script)

*E-prescribing Newcrop module bug fixes – contributed by Z&H Healthcare

*Billing module bug fixes related to NDC code and Subscriber RelationShip – contributed by Z&H Healthcare

*Optimized a textarea size in the CAMOS module – contributed by Jeff Guillory

*Bug fix in Messages module – contributed by yehster

*Fixed lots of undefined variables – contributed by yehster

*Bug fix in dates for CCR reporting – contributed by yehster

*Sort fax/scan pages to match the original order in a displayed document – contributed by SunsetSystems

*Nation Notes module bug Fix – contributed by Z&H Healthcare

*Database optimizations to improve OpenEMR performance

*Calendar feature to increment by months up to a year in the future when clicking the month label on the small calendar – contributed by yehster

*Offsite Portal Patient Link Bug Fixed – contributed by Z&H Healthcare

*Calendar layout bug fixes and improvements – contributed by yehster

*Fixed Disclosure display screen to allow viewing of more than 15 records with pagination – contributed by MMFsystems

*Bug fix to view the billing log file. – contributed by kevmccor

*Bug fix to show appt in patient portal for IE8 and IE9. – contributed by Ryan Madron

*EOB bug fix – contributed by Z&H Healthcare

*Bug fix to not display deleted vital signs – contributed by MMFsystems

*New feature to display warning message when attempt to add duplicate entries to any form fields using the “Add” button – contributed by MMFsystems

*Patient Portal calendar pop-up style bug fix – bug reported by Mauricio

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