Crowd Funding Proposal for OpenEMR e-Signing

Crowd Funding Proposal for OpenEMR e-Signing

Crowd Funding Proposal for OpenEMR e-Signing 150 150 Tony McCormick


Proposal to provide a standardized class library and implementation reference for electronically signing and locking medical records in OpenEMR.  Other types of records that could use this functionality as well.
What is needed to flesh it out and provide a sample form implemented using the tool.

  • Forms are free to be modified as currently implemented until “signed”.
  • When Signed, a SHA1 hash code (or similar) of the content and a revision number is incremented. The signature is marked in a signature tracking table and form is locked and can no longer be modified after this.
  • Ability to verify the hash code of a form would be provided as an Admin feature
  • A user can add an addendum(s) to a signed form, which can also be Save/Signed like above.
  • Possibly provide a model that would allow you to sign a form from “outside” by picking the form from a list of unsigned forms, instead of having to add e-signing code to the form itself
  • Possibly include the ability to save an individual form as a PDF and attach it as a static “document” in the document tree of the patient.   That would provide as sort of belt and suspenders approach to “locking” a document when approved/signed.

This project is partially completed already and is sorely needed and frequently requested.   The base class library is flexible enough to allow for future enhancements that would allow any record in the system to be signed, not just ‘forms’ or medical notes.
We are trying out a newly launched crowd funding site, CatInCan, it’s easy to set up and support has been good.

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