Business Update Spring 2013

Business Update Spring 2013

Business Update Spring 2013 Tony McCormick

Growing our business with new hosting environment, & workflow tools Code Assist and NewCrop eRx!

It’s been a busy and exciting quarter! The business is growing rapidly and with it the challenges to our business in keeping up with demand. We continue to balance our team so that we can continue to provide excellent support and hosting services. Last year we started to reach the capacity of our primary hosting environment in the state of Oregon, so we started looking at our upgrade options and worked on developing a path with the least impact to our customers.  I am happy to announce the we have fully brought a new facility location online in the state of Texas.  This site provides us with a third geographically dispersed environment for secure, HIPAA-compliant hosting MI-Squared OpenEMR clinics, business customers and other services.
We have also been working to respond to demands in the marketplace for a simplified way of adopting OpenEMR. We expect to offer some new options and bundles for our MI-Squared OpenEMR software-as-a-service offering, and we will be announcing the availability of these exciting new features sometime soon. The Mi-Squared base offering, starting in April, will include NewCrop eRx for one provider, our billing and diagnosis research tool called CodeAssist, and our brand new integrated e-Fax send and receiving module dubbed Fax’inOut. A couple of things that are possibly even cooler, are the IPad-based Mobile application from our new mobile partner MedMaster Mobility, and our very exciting Advance Report Designer, which will become our standard reporting engine, and allow end user to create ad-hoc reports that can be saved and scheduled.
Outside of the OpenEMR box, our business has a long history of working with some excellent customers on projects to create highly customized products that start with OpenEMR as their foundation. One of the most exciting specialties being targeted for extended OpenEMR capability is the behavioral health field, with platform improvements to address needs in the area of mental health crisis management.  The new features even include councilor dispatching and patient transition. For almost a year, we have been working closely with a large Home Health Care provider in California to create a tool for complete management of that business.  Finally, stay tuned because we are about to release several new specialty targeted editions of OpenEMR, including Ophthalmology, Podiatry, Pediatrics and Allergy.
Thanks again for reading, and we look forward to continuing to make health IT more accessible in the healthcare marketplace.
Keeping the Open Source Way ….
–Tony, CTO of MI-Squared

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