Barcamp Portland 2013 Conference, Day 2

Barcamp Portland 2013 Conference, Day 2

Barcamp Portland 2013 Conference, Day 2 Tony McCormick
Barcamp Portland 2013

Barcamp Portland 2013

Once again Barcamp had an amazing and wild mix of conference offerings.   I attended a discussion on woodworking and an excellent talk about crowd funding “Open” start ups.
I also, as mentioned in yesterday’s post, ran a session of my own to discuss the e-patient idea with a audience of interested patients. We had a good group of folks with a wide range of experiences in their healthcare, from uninsured accident victims to some well insured with chronic issues, and even some health people (if you can imagine that in the USA).
The full notes are posted on the Barcamp Etherpad site, but to  summarize.  It’s complex.
Wide range of differences between the patients needs; from full access and management of their health data to “access as needed” on an specific event or for coordination of care, will make it hard on the providers to manage the HIPAA rules within the patient’s desires.
That, coupled with a far from complete process to standardize the format of health records, including diagnostic images and to provide easy patient-centric tools to use that data, make this a daunting task.
The home brew I helped serve was good though!

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