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OpenEMR on OpenHealth News

OpenEMR on OpenHealth News 150 150 Tony McCormick

Leading open source EMR for ambulatory care now fully certified.

more than a year of upgrades and enhancements and months of testing at
the ICSA Labs EHR Certification Program, OpenEMR version 4.1 received full ‘meaningful use’ certification
for ambulatory care settings on Friday, August 19. This means that the
widely-used open source Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is now
certified to meet all ambulatory care requirements. OpenEMR had
previously received only more limited modular certification.  ……

And on LinuxMEDNews –

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Mi-Squared Offers a Fully Functional EHR with OpenEMR

Mi-Squared Offers a Fully Functional EHR with OpenEMR 150 150 Tony McCormick

Lab Results Data Exchange – lab results are received through our certified servers and populates the data to the patients file

E-Prescribing – Prescribing medication through EMR to Client Provider

Patient Portal – Secure patient access via internet for medical records and updates include new patient registration and setup of basic clinic web sites.  Required for ONC Certification

Patient Reminders, voice call based, integrated with OpenEMR

Lab Upload Data Exchange – Send request through our certified servers to requested lab.

TransPortal for digital document authorization manager for Transcription Companies

Custom Programming – custom forms, importing existing patient data, enhancing current functionality, adding new functionality

Premium Phone Support

Setup and Training

Healthy Server Backup Appliance

Database Hosting – HIPAA Compliant

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OpenEMR Full EHR Certification Day!

OpenEMR Full EHR Certification Day! 150 150 Tony McCormick

Today the volunteers of will spend some 4 hours with the staff
of ICSA Labs testing all the remaining modules of OpenEMR version 4.1
in an attempt to achieve full EHR certification for Meaningful Use.
This testing will occur into the wee hours of Eastern Standard time.

See the post for the full credits!

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July News Letter

July News Letter 150 150 Tony McCormick

I thought that is was about time to
drop you a line and let you know what was happening in the MI-SQUARED
world. We’ve had a very busy quarter.

  1. We have added several new
    customers! This is good news, and it also means that we have been
    very, very busy trying to make sure everyones needs are met. These
    new customers represent several specialties that we have not had on
    board yet, so custom forms development galore. We have added a
    Podiatrist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Ophthalmologist, Summer Camp Clinic
    and a Injury Care Clinic, as well as a new Primary Care clinic. The
    “sales pipeline” is full and we expect to be adding several more
    customers this month.

  2. We have also been awarded 2 new
    software development contracts and have 2 new LabCorp interface

The OpenEMR project is going
gang-busters and is on track to get full ONC EHR certification in the
next few weeks. As soon as that happens we will be talking to you
about what steps you need to take to register your EMR with the CMS
to be qualified for the ARRA Meaningful use remunerations. There
are tons of new features, some required for certification, and others
that are just awesome enhancements. Wait until you seen them!

MI-SQUARED is ready to release a very
nice patient portal and we are bundling in basic practice web site
hosting with that add on feature for anyone that needs it.

MI-SQUARED is about ready to release a
full E-Prescribing module through NewCrop that we developed in a
joint venture and it will be released under that companies new name

MI-SQUARED added a new online support
feature to all of our hosted customers that will let you drop in and
have a live online chat with one of our support and/or development
staff as well as any of our other customers that might be online at
the time. It’s meant to be a group chat room. Share your thoughts,
asks questions and get to know your fellow MI2 customer peers!

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Open EMR presentation and discussion at Portland Linux User Group

Open EMR presentation and discussion at Portland Linux User Group 150 150 Tony McCormick

Video provided by Nate Diniro of

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Tony Speaking at Portland Linux/Unix Group 6/2/2011

Tony Speaking at Portland Linux/Unix Group 6/2/2011 150 150 Tony McCormick

                          MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT

                       The Portland Linux/Unix Group
                                 will meet
                         7 PM Thursday June 2, 2011
                         Portland State University
                                   in the
                              Fariborz Maseeh
             College of Engineering & Computer Science Building
                              Room FAB 86-01
                       (This is in the basement.)
          The building is on SW 4th across from SW College Street.

       See location H-10 on map at


                      Introduction to OpenEMR
                           Tony McCormick
                        <[email protected]>

    Introduction to OpenEMR, maybe the most downloaded open source
    Electronic Heath Records system in the world.   This presentation
    will discuss how one of the first web based, php projects became
    a government certified EHR.  We’ll demo the system, talk about
    the good, bad and ugly of a 10 year old project with ~500,000
    lines of code and get feed back on ways to move forward with
    out breaking the existing use.  ie: upgrade paths and models, etc.

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OSBridge Conference

OSBridge Conference 150 150 Tony McCormick

MI2 in the form of Tony will be attended this respected conference, looking for inspiration and networking with the NW developer crowd.  Hope to see you there!


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POSSCON video of Sam Bowen Discussing the history of the OpenEMR project

POSSCON video of Sam Bowen Discussing the history of the OpenEMR project 150 150 Tony McCormick

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Good Article on EHR Security Auditing

Good Article on EHR Security Auditing 150 150 Tony McCormick

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OpenEMR, nice quote from SF

OpenEMR, nice quote from SF 150 150 Tony McCormick

“I believe we have a very capable developer community that can put
together great functionality. Some of us who are actual practicing
doctors will try to chip in whenever possible regarding UI and
usability. I like the way the project is run. It is easily the most
“open source” project i have been part of.” – Mukoya


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