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Build a community by throwing a big party

Build a community by throwing a big party 150 150 Tony McCormick

Advice from @benbrown  –

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Article: Thinking about Open Source

Article: Thinking about Open Source 150 150 Tony McCormick

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OEMR's OpenEMR now Certified!

OEMR's OpenEMR now Certified! 150 150 Tony McCormick

OpenEMR is officially ONC certified as a modular EHR. Next steps full EHR, coming soon.

See ONC Site

Thanks to ICSA Labs for their help so far and going forward as we push to finish the project with full EHR certification in the next month.

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Twitter @tonymi2

Twitter @tonymi2 150 150 Tony McCormick

Yes, Tony has a twitter account now.  I’ll even take help desk requests that way :-)  tweet me @tonymi2

See ya online!


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MI2 Collaboration with Astronaut Vista

MI2 Collaboration with Astronaut Vista 150 150 Tony McCormick

We have actively been working with several Hospitals and Dr Ignacio Valdez around deploying Astronaut Vista ( ) and using OpenEMR as provider EHR for data exchange…  more to follow as things develop.  –Tony

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Testamonial regarding Linux/OSX …

Testamonial regarding Linux/OSX … 150 150 Tony McCormick

Posted on the OpenEMR Sourceforge forum…

“There is no way I will ever allow anything Windows in our office again.  We drank that Kool Aid for far too long. Since getting rid of Windows, I no longer have to spend my time fixing things. I am like the Maytag repairman for IT support in our office now.  We run Linux/OSX and things just work.”   -Mike

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MI2 presents OpenEMR ROI as part of ACO solution

MI2 presents OpenEMR ROI as part of ACO solution 150 150 Tony McCormick

Last weekend Dr Bowen and Tony McCormick presented information on Meaningful Use as it pertains to the Physicians Practice, talked about the “Open Source Way” and did a short demo of OpenEMR 4.0.

Part of that demo included a simple ROI calculation that was the result of a small survey of practices currently using an EMR and the cost of that tool.  The result was shocking, even considering a wide margin of error.  The representative “High End” EHR had a 5 year ROI (1 physician practice), -68%,  For the “Mid Range” the ROI was -45% and for OpenEMR it was a 371%….

Beat that :-)  –Tony

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Tony and Sam to speak at POSSCON

Tony and Sam to speak at POSSCON 150 150 Tony McCormick

Dr Sam Bowen and Tony McCormick of Medical Information Integration, have been asked to speak at POSSCON in South Carolina on OpenEMR and the OEMR 501(c)(3) foundation that supports this world wide EHR open source project.  We hope you can attend as well.

See: for details


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Linked IPAs Annual Conference

Linked IPAs Annual Conference 150 150 Tony McCormick

MI-Squared will be presenting at the following conference titled “Linking Health Care and Technology”.

MRSB-LTD, will conduct Linked IPA’s 1st Annual Conference this coming February 12, 2011. Don’t miss this very important event where it could save you $50,000 in computer and software expenses in the next few years, help to build your practice, and substantially increase your income.  Click here for registration and event details.

read more – GOSCON Videos – GOSCON Videos 150 150 Tony McCormick

MI-Squared has been working with and is a primary sponsor of their efforts to promote Open Source in all kinds of areas, including government and health care.

These are all videos of the Gov’t Open Source Convention
(GOSCON).   There are a couple that are specific to health care like this
interview with Dave Riley… – Scroll down to: “Dave Riley on the landscape of the CONNECT initiative”

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