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Get Paid for 2012! Certified EHR

Get Paid for 2012! Certified EHR 150 150 Tony McCormick

Countdown for 1st year eligible professionals to begin their 90-day reporting period.

October 3, 2012 is the last day for eligible professionals to begin their 90-day reporting period to demonstrate meaningful use for the Medicare EHR Incentive
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OpenEMR version 4.1.1 Officially Released!

OpenEMR version 4.1.1 Officially Released! 150 150 Tony McCormick

New feature list in OpenEMR 4.1.1:
* Continues to have Official ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR Certification:

* Supported in 19 languages
* Supports ICD10 diagnosis and billing coding
* Supports SNOMED diagnosis coding
* Supports 5010 X12
* Ability to add support for region specific diagnosis/billing coding sets.
* Importing mechanism to support importing and upgrading of ICD9, ICD10, SNOMED
and RxNORM standardized data.
* Modernized login screen
* Calendar layout improvements
* Reminders and Dated Reminders
* Compatible with MySQL 5.5 and PHP 5.4
* Ability to customize prescription layout, DEA, NPI and state license number
* Explicit support for a separate primary provider and referring provider in
patient demographics
* Billing and Payment module improvements
* Supports multiple billing code modifiers
* Support for procedure specific claim notes
* Supports CouchDB storage of documents
* Additional patient searching mechanism added (Patient List)
* Customizable Facility specific user information tracking
* CQM and AMC reports with options for assigning patient-provider relationships
* Sort fax/scan pages to match the original order in a displayed document
* Ability to enter/modify Vital Signs timestamps
* The disclosures display screen supports pagination
* Additional contributed forms
* Multiple bug and security fixes
* Multiple database performance enhancements
* Patching mechanism
* Patient Notes module and the Message module are fully integrated/compatible
* Translation module supports comments in constants and translations
* ADODB framework upgraded
* Jquery framework upgraded
* Ubuntu package supports upgrading of Multisite Module OpenEMR instances

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TAO Logo

TAO Logo 150 150 Tony McCormick

OpenEMR selected by the Peace Corp for worldwide use!

OpenEMR selected by the Peace Corp for worldwide use! 150 150 Tony McCormick

See: Article in Government Health IT


Peace Corps staff in country will use a laptop or mobile device to record basic medical information and synchronize it to OpenEMR, a free and open source application that will be used in post countries for practice management and be customized to meet requirements. 

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Hospital Limerick by SheilaB

Hospital Limerick by SheilaB 150 150 Tony McCormick
For each hospital patient, a chart
Is maintained on the ward, in a cart.
It records TPR,
But does not go as far
As reporting each burp and each fart.

I just couldn’t resist … Tony

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Availity Approves MI2/OpenEMR for 5010 EDI

Availity Approves MI2/OpenEMR for 5010 EDI 150 150 Tony McCormick

Medical Information Integration has been approved for production for 837 transactions.   Production Approval means that your software was successfully tested and configured with Availity, LLC for electronic claims.

Thanks to Brad for his dilegence!

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Openemr 4.1.0 Patch 5 Released

Openemr 4.1.0 Patch 5 Released 150 150 Tony McCormick

Patch 5 is out with more than 35 enhancements and bug fixes.

Available at:

=== Fixes and New Features ===

(note the ones with ** are new with this patch):

*Security fix in interface/login/validateUser.php script**

*5010 X12 compliance – primarily contributed by Sunset Systems with bug fixes by Kim Weesner**

*Can click directly on a calendar slot time to set selected time/provider – contributed by yehster**

*New calendar entries will list the current patient by default – contributed by yehster**

*Support for multiple modifiers in the Fee sheet – contributed by MI-Squared**

*Support justification of non-icd9 diagnosis codes in the Fee sheet – contributed by yehster**

*Support for procedure-specific claim notes – contributed by Alfonso Perez**

*Bug fixes in xmlformgen – contributed by Julia Longtin**

*Bug fix to show immunizations correctly in the patient report**

*Bug fix to edit immunizations**

*Bug fixes in messages module – contributed by MI-Squared**

*Bug fix for encounter date display when showing historical LBF data – contributed by Sunset Systems**

*Bug fix to remove non-working dynamic resizing of dialog frame – contributed by yehster**

*Fixed time limit expiration bug from the administration clinical reminder module

*Integrated the new patch mechanism into the multi-site module (admin.php script)

*E-prescribing Newcrop module bug fixes – contributed by Z&H Healthcare

*Billing module bug fixes related to NDC code and Subscriber RelationShip – contributed by Z&H Healthcare

*Optimized a textarea size in the CAMOS module – contributed by Jeff Guillory

*Bug fix in Messages module – contributed by yehster

*Fixed lots of undefined variables – contributed by yehster

*Bug fix in dates for CCR reporting – contributed by yehster

*Sort fax/scan pages to match the original order in a displayed document – contributed by SunsetSystems

*Nation Notes module bug Fix – contributed by Z&H Healthcare

*Database optimizations to improve OpenEMR performance

*Calendar feature to increment by months up to a year in the future when clicking the month label on the small calendar – contributed by yehster

*Offsite Portal Patient Link Bug Fixed – contributed by Z&H Healthcare

*Calendar layout bug fixes and improvements – contributed by yehster

*Fixed Disclosure display screen to allow viewing of more than 15 records with pagination – contributed by MMFsystems

*Bug fix to view the billing log file. – contributed by kevmccor

*Bug fix to show appt in patient portal for IE8 and IE9. – contributed by Ryan Madron

*EOB bug fix – contributed by Z&H Healthcare

*Bug fix to not display deleted vital signs – contributed by MMFsystems

*New feature to display warning message when attempt to add duplicate entries to any form fields using the “Add” button – contributed by MMFsystems

*Patient Portal calendar pop-up style bug fix – bug reported by Mauricio

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CMS Delays 5010 Enforcement until March 2012

CMS Delays 5010 Enforcement until March 2012 150 150 Tony McCormick

Check out this article just posted:
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How to register for CMS MU Attestation for OpenEMR 4.1

How to register for CMS MU Attestation for OpenEMR 4.1 150 150 Tony McCormick

Official CHPL Product/Certification Number: 110040R00

The product number assigned by the certification body, 110040R00, is not the number that should be used when attesting to meaningful use.

You need to go to the CHPL website, add OpenEMR 4.1 product to your shopping cart along with any other certified products they might be using, and :based on that configuration you will be given a unique 15-digit number to use for attestation purposes. Here are some quick directions:

To obtain a CMS EHR Certification ID, follow the steps outlined below

  1. Go to; Http://
  2. Select Ambulatory Practice
  3. Search for ‘OpenEMR’
  4. Add OpenEMR 4.1 to your cart to determine if your product(s) meet 100% of the required criteria
  5. Request a CMS EHR Certification ID for CMS registration or attestation from your cart page
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OpenEMR 4.1.0 certified for ONC Meaningful Use – now RELEASED

OpenEMR 4.1.0 certified for ONC Meaningful Use – now RELEASED 150 150 Tony McCormick

We are proud to announce that the ONC Certified version: OpenEMR version 4.1.0 is officially released.    We will be scheduling upgrades for anyone that is currently using our support services.    If you need help registering with CMS for Meaningful Use please let us know and we will walk you through the process.

Official CMS Registration Site:

Official CHPL Product/Certification Number: 110040R00

Please considering making a tax deductible contribution to the OEMR.ORG foundatation to show your support for this incredible feat!  

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