Speaking at ACO DataQuest Conference

Speaking at ACO DataQuest Conference

Speaking at ACO DataQuest Conference 150 150 Tony McCormick

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Our President and Director of Marketing will be speaking at the ACO DataQuest Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on April 23rd and 24th of 2013
Day One:  Tuesday, April 23rd – 2:45-3:30
Solving the Patient Data and EHR Puzzle
The value of an ACO’s analytics depends significantly on the accuracy of its patient data and the accessibility of information across disparate EHR platforms. In this session, you will learn techniques for validating patient data, preventing lapses in data, and verifying CMS-provided patient information. Strategies for successfully managing varying EHR platforms will also be examined:

  • ·        Direct patient contact for ensured data accuracy

o   Preparing for the challenges of patient data reconciliation with established internal protocol
o   Limiting future data gaps by ensuring the accuracy of all data collected from patients
o   Verifying CMS provided patient data with direct contact

  • ·        Merging data for disparate EHR platforms

o   Incorporating written notes into EMR data
o   Employing a Master Patient Index (MPI) to aggregate large data from various sources
o   Managing various image formats from different EHRs
o   Creating an analytics boilerplate to reduce repetition and purge unusable elements
Day Two:  Wednesday, April 24th – 3:00-3:45

Making the Most of Your EHR: Leveraging Meaningful Use to Enhance Care Management and Reduce Costs

Learn how to make the most of your resources and manage costs by successfully integrating varying EHR platforms and maximizing their potential to prevent gaps in care, monitor patient engagement, and manage clinical workflows. This session will examine strategies for:

  • Integrating differing EHR platforms into a comprehensive, system-wide care management system
  • Using EHRs to track the progress of chronic disease management
  • Monitoring the workflow of your clinical teams through the EHR
  • Staying ahead of reminders, goal-tracking, and patient treatment adherence
  • ·        Employing your EHR to:
    • Identify existing gaps and avoid potential lapses in care
    • Manage costs by reducing unnecessary on-site clinical visits and admissions

Tony McCormick
CTO of Physicians ACO, LLC and MI2

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